I've been using this for 2 years and just purchased another as a gift
Arrived quickly. Wife loves it.
Thank-you to YOU who sold this item. I pray the smaller size will fit. I am certain it shall!
Almost ordered the large but the medium is perfect. I would recommend a large if you intend on using it for school unless you carry smaller notepads/etc

Super cute and I love the color
good belts buckle holds tight
These are warm, comfortable pants. They are super soft on the inside and have a soft outside as well. The cuffs are nice and thick at the bottom (which will be useful if I wear these while riding my bike). These seem very well made as they are thick and the waist and bottom cuffs are stitched well and also made of good material. I do seem to get quite a bit of piling from the inside, however, so that is one area that could be better. I've only washed them once and worn them to the gym (take them off to work out) and then back from the gym a few times. So this may improve with time.
The only other thing I dislike is how high the crotch is. The inseam vs outseam does not seem very proportional, as these tend to sit low on me. With that being said, these are the only piece of clothing I wear that is "skinny" fit. So it may have to do with the cut of the pants.

Would definitely recommend and would purchase again. Though a person only needs so many pairs of sweat pants....
I am VERY particular about my purses and I LOVE THIS PURSE! It has 3 separate compartments inside, a zippered pocket in the center and 1 on the inside, 2 pockets for keys or cell phone plus an outer zipper pocket. It's not too big and not too small! It's the perfect size and the camel color is beautiful!
Exactly what we were looking for.
Pros: I'm a big dude, finding shorts that fit right is quite a task. These Dickies fit perfectly and are super comfortable. They're tough enough that I can roll around under a car and not worry about damaging them.

Cons: My GF doesn't like how long and baggy they are on me, but I like them like that.
They broke the second I opened the package.
good product but the material used isn't the most durable , i believe
This gaiter is my second choice for wear since it has finished seams & is of thicker material unlike a lot of other products. Bought this to wear daily for Covid-19, should have bought more!! Keeps its shape and stays in place. Better product then a lot of the other thin unfinished junk being sold.
Love it! It's a trucker hat, what can I say. I think they are super cute. I like to wear them at the gym and in the summer time. I love the colors on this hat, which is why I got it.
Pretty but I already lost one because it fell off in my sleep. Which is really frustrating considering I wanted them so they wouldn't fall out
Love the fit!
Extremely comfortable an shaped right for an athletic build
These are pretty great for the price. They aren't what you would expect from a long sleeve hot weather shirt that you would pay 25-50 for one of, but at a fraction of the price you can't go wrong with them. Great for yard work and other such tasks where you wouldn't want to risk ruining an expensive shirt but still want to stay cool and protected from the sun,
Husband loved for kayaking
Great material and great hat |:^]
Money Clip seems to be tearing off not sure if this normal but light weight and convenient.
I once was a cargo shorts wearer, but finally broke free and realized the err of my ways. These shorts are the most comfortable I've ever worn. The waistband has some stretch, the material is quality, and the length sits right above the knee. These are the only shorts I wear anymore (outside of at the gym) and my fiancee appreciates that I no longer wear cargo shorts.

One thing I have noticed, which is a bit odd, is that the khaki style of these do NOT have a back pocket button, but other colors do. I own 2 pairs of khaki, red, and grey. Only the red and grey pairs have rear pocket buttons. Not a deal breaker for me, but just something to note.
This product is clingy and generates a lot of static. Not so good in the dry heat of winter.
What can I say ... It really hold a lot of stuff nicely!!

Well made. Easy to clean. Stylish!!!

I am hard on a purse and this one has not strained yet!

everything pictured fit in my purse fine and I was able to zip it up with no strain on the zipper
8 day trip to Europe and packed everything I needed in a small suitcase. Easy to wash and dried very quickly.
Worth the buy. He loves anything neon green and these were a hit with him.
just what what expected
It's really nice to be surprised in a good way anymore, but these t-shirts are the real deal! Finally a t-shirt that feels nice and thick like I remember from the "good old days" not like some of these new ones that seem to have virtually no substance. I would really recommend these to all my "peeps" in the snow belt because they really are "beefy" like the name says.
This bad is really secure and stylish. It's a bit of a hassle to have to completely remove the bag to access your stuff, but it's worth the security especially wild traveling! I had a drink in the outside pocket that leaked and it never got into the main section of the bag! amazing all my stuff stayed dry even with a whole cup of liquid sitting in the outer pocket. Definitely recommend for travel aboard or just when you'll be in a busy place like the subway and don't want to worry about pick pockets!