Just what I expected. Fits well, don't have to go to the store to buy them.
So, you would think you could buy the same shirt you have been buying for 25 years and it should somewhat fit. Well No you can't.
Bought 2 shirts in large. 1 made in honduras, lighter weight cotton, fit like an XL. 1 made in pakistan, same weight cotton as my old shirts, size maybe halfway between L-XL. Both are going back.
I'm sure carhart has sized patterns for these things. How can they not make a simple tshirt after all these years? Don't know what I'll buy now.
This is a very nice,m dainty bracelet. I have a necklace, from my mother, that matched the bracelet perfectly, That is why I putchased it and I am very happy that I did. It looks beautiful on. Good buy.
Always perfect....
The socks had a good grip for barre class. They shifted a little and had to be adjusted. Very comfortable. All in all a great purchase.
Pretty much the most comfortable thing for kicking around the house & yard when it's hot. And the pockets mean you can take your wallet when you need to make a run to the store without changing into something else.
This is our first attempt at bralettes. My daughter wears a 10 or 12 depending on the maker, we went with an XL and they fit perfect.

The adjustable straps are useful and my daughter says the fit and fabric are nice. The fabric isn’t as soft as I would prefer but for the price, they’re decent. Happy with the purchase.
Comfortable socks. My feet don't sweat in them and doesn't cause stink feet.
Está hermoso este pulso de pie ... yo me baño 🛁 y todo con el puesto y se mantiene igual de cómo me llegó. Super brilliant y hermoso
Comfortable, non scratching inside. They're not as baggy as most sweatpants, and that makes them look nicer (like maybe you're trying a little harder.) The leg is narrower the lower down it goes. Perfect for last minute cosplay pants, now as running sweat pants.

I am fairly tall with long legs, and the leg bands just barely cover my ankles. So if you're long-legged, may not work for you.
Nice shirt...but cut small and it doesn't come in 3XL.
They're a pack of white t-shirts what do you expect, they're good white t-shirts
Exofficio boxers had been talked up to me so much and I was so excited to try them, but they were just a disappointment. They pilled so bad between the legs that I had to physically pull them apart after wearing because they were stuck together. I hacked them down with a lint shaver but they just kept coming back. Equally disappointing was the smell they held. I had friends tell me they could wear these for a week straight, only washing with water once every couple days. I wore them no more than two or three times and they held a stench so bad that managed to survive the washer. Never even had this problem with normal cotton boxers.

If you're a bigger built dude (I'm 6'1, 250), and planning to sweat in these, look elsewhere. Duluth Buck Naked is great and does both things these can't.

I even had Exofficio send me a new pair (their customer service was great), but second pair was no different. I was sad these just couldn't get the job done.
Phenomenal. Completely blown away by this ring!
love them
I was skeptical that these would be good quality due to the low price. I was right. The material is thin and the elastic waist band is not feel very tight. They are also a little long in the leg. Too much short. I have been using them but I suspect they won't last too long. Glad they weren't expensive - you get what you pay for.
Chain size is too small
fits great
The gold toe socks you get at kohls are way better and last at least a year before they get any holes. Right out of the gate I can tell these are not the same quality as they were before with the material they use is probably half as thick as it used to be. I haven't had these for a week and I'm already getting holes in my socks. Unbelievable.
Fits my husband perfectly.
comfortable and great fit. Wear a size 10.5 and got the large. Seem good quality.
Great fit,and price
Do NOT use bleach when washing
I love these boxers. They’re comfortable, stretch a lot, and seem to be good quality(have worn fruit of the loom boxers for years).
I don't expect anything less from Carhartt and am completely satisfied with the apron. As a welding student I have been bouncing around from different welding types so carrying around the tools necessary without having to dig through my work bag everytime is a huge plus and time saver for me. I'd recommend!
Excellent product. It is 92% cotton and it is very tough. It's not made cheap material. Very comfortable and easy walk around with my tennis shoes.