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This sweatshirt will shrink to uselessness in one fall/winter/spring cold year time if you buy them for work and wash them weekly. Keep that in mind when you buy it. If you are rough with your work clothes and that is the normal life expectancy of your sweatshirts, this is a good product for you.
Nice item
Screw back earrings for an infant are a must! Baby kept waking up with an earring missing before I found these. The quality is great, no bends and the diamonds are very elegant and sparkly!
Awesome price!!
Used this in my helix piercing. It was hard to get on, definitely need someone else to do it. Great quality and line it in my ear.
I'm no Schwartzenegger, but I guess my calves are a little bigger than some, because these socks are just a tad bit tight along their top lining. I may stretch them out a bit and see if that works. But I'm still giving them 4 stars because they are great quality, comfortable, and look good. The little Danish flag is a plus. (PS: Denmark, I apologize for our rude, idiotic President.)
Perfect! I wear these everyday, not too long not too short.
Very nice, happy :)
Its fits well. Seems like it will last a while because I do construction
Both of these pairs of Levi's have the bottom button hole cut too low. Very hard to get buttoned. Once buttoned, as long as left alone, they're good. Also, one pair wrinkled very badly on first wash and all the wrinkle lines are whitish. Never had this happen before. No issues with the seller, but I wonder if Levi's is dropping their quality control a bit.
The chain is surprisingly very thick. It's a good quality necklace and is very cute. I'd recommended it to anyone
Great fit
Quality wasn't as expected
Good quality .. true to size
Kudos: Great price. Love the thickness of the material. Got rid of all my old socks and only use these. Speeds up mating socks.

Beef: None
Not the right fit, smaller than expected
I do tons and tons of amazon shopping. This is by far the best purchase I’ve ever made. My daughter wanted jewelry sets like I wear, so I thought I’d surprise her with a few with her new winter wardrobe. Stunning necklaces And the boxes! They look like they came straight from Pinterest. Thank you so very much.
I liked these. A XXXL should've fit. Maybe these are NOT the
U.S.A. size.
A, Europian, XXXXXL size fits me. I'll know for the next time.
(I wear a size 42" pair of trousers.)
They fit, do not shrink and are really well cushioned.
Loved it but a stone was missing in mine. I only wanted to exchange it since I like so much but no option to do so only return? Too bad
My daughter loves these. Note that I got the 2t/3t and they fit my very petite 2 year old who weighs about 23lbs. Most will want to size up.
Runs small. Didn't fit.
Great product
My husband love it and keep replacing with this.
Love it.
husband said very comfortable waistband and not too tight in certain areas ;0) and perfect thigh length for 6ft guy. would recommend as we are planning to order more ourselves
I'm a professional caddie at a US Open venue golf course, and a typical "loop" requires about 7 miles of walking up and down serious elevation changes. The weather varies from 40 degrees and raining to 90 degrees and no breeze, so ordinary undershorts aren't the best choice. I've tried other varieties of similar boxer briefs, but Under Armour's version is my favorite. Here's why:
1. The "Charged Cotton" (no idea why they call it that) is stretchy like mesh, and provides just the right amount of gentle compression.
2. Unlike mesh, the fabric used in these shorts absorbs/wicks moisture very well, and then dries quickly. It's a pleasure to not experience dreaded "Groin Sogginess" after lugging 30+ pounds for 5-6 hours. The fabric also doesn't absorb or retain odors.
3. The design of the "pouch" is functional, allowing quick and easy access to the contents, and keeping swing and jiggle to a minimum.
4. I like the wide and comfortable waistband. It stays in place, doesn't fold over, and isn't bulky or irritating. After three washings, the waistbands haven't crinkled or become messed up.

Although I was initially concerned by the 5-inch tag sewn inside each waistband, the material used isn't abrasive. Once I trimmed off most of the tag per instructions, the remainder isn't a bother whatsoever.

I highly recommend these boxer briefs for most kinds of active pursuits!
Super cute! ordered as a gift for my daughter and it fit perfect on her pandora bracelet!
Nice jacket. A little large but I am satisfied
Good value for quality boxers