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Spring Trends: Warm weather & sunshine are here.
Spring Dresses: Warm weather & sunshine are here.
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Great price for 6 high-quality white socks. Comfortable fit with just enough elastic to keep the socks from falling down without cutting at all into the leg. Bright white color which did not get reduced by machine washing. Going forward, I'll be looking first for Gold Toe socks to wear with sneakers or casual footwear.
Fits size 13 perfectly. I ordered more.
So comfortable. Non restrictive. Light. Definitely going to buy more.
My granddaughters loves it
love this shirt will be getting the hoodie also well made.. good shirt nice not to heavy and not to light. good job
It was a very cute bracelet and seemed very durable. The one thing wrong and the reason I had to send it back was the sizing was very off. Much larger than expected. It would not fit my wrist let alone someone that had a wrist size 2 times bigger.
Excellent quality
These are the only socks my husband will wear. He has feet that are sensitive to cold and sweat if in the wrong socks. These are the 'right' socks and he doesn't like anything else.
So here is what you need to know about these. I'm 6foot 2 and about a buck90 (aka 190). The XL are snug. Please keep in mind I waer a 48 in sports coats. That said, the shirts are very soft and a good length to stay tucked in.
What blows my mind about these undershirts is how much they cost. I mean really? I can go get a tshirt to wear to the store for less than an undershirt, the world has gone mad!
Perfect necklaces for my granddaughters.
Length was all that mattered.
Comfortable, sturdy, and always presentable. I like these pants so much I bought several. I hike in the blue ones. I go in the black ones for casual shopping and chores. I wear a pair at home on cooler Southwest days.
I absolutely love the socks. They’re not overly bulky but they are a little bit sick. They feel good around your toes and I’m very comfortable. The part that goes around your ankle is a little snug but I roll it down a little bit. I wash them normally, but then hang them on a hanger like four per hanger to let them air dry. They dry very quickly with the air and it will prevent them from getting stiff or shrinking like wool blends can sometimes do. These are really great when I’m working outside or standing on my feet all day my toes don’t get frozen. Nice socks
A little disappointing. Difficult to program.
A perfect sock.
Im a size 30 waist, i got the small. They fit snug (which i like) and are quality cotton material.
Good quality. Good fit
After a few washings, it stretches, & become very thin.
Were exactly what I was hoping, good quality. Never know what to expect with mail order clothes
Best cozy ever. Would comf again. I think.
Good fit and finish at a great price.
Comfy and they actually don’t slip off - I’ve owned many no-show socks that slip off because they have just a little or no anti-slip strip. These socks have three anti-slip strips on each sock so they actually stay in place. Hoping they hold up well long-term!
Not the socks I bought in the store. Good heavy socks, keep my feet warm here in Alaska
These underwear are expensive but worth it. Especially for hot weather &/or travel. I love these things & now have 4 pair. 4 stars instead of 5 because of price.
Great shirts
Great price
Husband loved them
Great sock
Third one purchased. Great bracelets and are waterproof.