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Spring Trends: Warm weather & sunshine are here.
Spring Dresses: Warm weather & sunshine are here.
Crop Tops: Show some midriff.
Swim Shop: Dive in, the new swim shop is here.
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Love the look. Hate the clasp! It was very hard to get on, but I read a review to go from the back of the lobe and that made it easier because you can see... I got them in after a good 10 minutes. I don’t think I’m ever taking them out though because they were that challenging. Ugh.
Too big like cholo style
This was my best summer purchase for my baby. Loved everything about it! Cute colors, style, and great for sun protection.
These socks are thick and comfortable. I was impressed with the quality.
These are made from a thin, cool material that isn’t exactly “sock” material. They have silicone grips on the bottom and around the top of the sock that keep the socks from sliding down and your foot from slipping if worn without shoes. I like the material and the color. Didn’t show when I wore a pair of loafer style shoes. Nice product!
After having a number of pairs of these shorts... I find the elastic always gives out - and not because it's over streched - I'm a 30 waist and wearing an 32 - just poor quality elastic. With a 1 one year warranty - they are a one season wear and done - planned obsolesce? If they made a pair without the elastic - I think that would be the ticket.
Someone had given me a Gildan sweatshirt with an embroidered logo on it. I liked the way it washed and the resiliency of the elastic, so I ordered this plain one just for everyday wear. The new one I received is OK, but the quality of the elastic and the fit just aren't the same. The elastic at the cuffs, waist and neck are a little floppy, whereas they are staying nice and tight on the original sweatshirt even after multiple washings. I have a feeling I'll be throwing out this one before my time with the original logo edition is up.
They ride up and are not that comfortable. Reebok seems to be silkier and do not ride up.
I’m usually a medium but read some reviews and ordered a small. Small fit perfect and I’m happy with the purchase.
It's a little small but otherwise perfect. Great deal
Great price for a quality chain
Very happy with my purchase of this beautiful bracelet. The quality is excellent and sparkling and good quality. Thanks Amazon for another treasure! Sunshine Sally 🌞
Price/quality can’t be beat.
It's such a good earring except, the clip opens too often but it's totally worth the price.
I read more positive reviews than negative reviews so I decided to give this a try. Turns out...

Pros: cheap, multiple cloths, and fast shipping
Cons: super small. You can probably use this for washing dishes but using it as a body scrub cloth, no way. These suckers were so small and as soon as you start scrubbing, it like rolls up and very difficult to use.

I’d love a refund if possible but probably won’t get one so I’ll be using them for my dishes
As expected
fit great
I always worn a 38 waist. This seems larger. Not too happy even tried to shrink with hot water. No luck!
fits well. now i can keep my street close clean.
Product is great
Do not buy this watch if you want it as a learning tool. The minute numbers wear away within an hour of wearing...very disappointing. I just bought three of these for smart children who are eager to tell time. Boo!
It was soooo hard to find swim shorts in my fiancé's size that are long enough. These were perfect. I ordered them in his regular size and they fit.
Bought this for my little cousin. She really liked it and it was as described in the seller listing. Cute little watch for a kid!
Nice shirt
was purchased to replace one that my husband has. It's perfect!
These are great! love them!
These socks fit great and are all-day comfortable
Just as expected. I've been wearing these shirts for years.