My husband complains they are constantly sliding down.
A good pair of socks not cheaply made
Good tees
UPDATE: My husband needed more shirts so we ordered the twelve pack and they were both unopened and no stains!

My husband has been working hard at losing weight so we needed to get him some new undershirts that were affordable since this is going to be a continued journey. I felt that I could trust the brand since it's well known and the price was perfect for what we were looking for. To my surprise, when I opened the Amazon box, the package of shirts was ripped nearly in half and the top shirt has a small square stain on the front. It wasn't a huge deal for him since he wears these as undershirts but it was still frustrating since we purchased these new. I'll probably purchase again in the future since I assume it was a fluke.
True to size
Too big for me...
Good stuff. But in reality, the leg opening is wider than the photo
Great product. You won’t be disappointed.
Well done.
So I got these jeans and the pant legs on them were way, WAY too long. I usually don't have to alter jeans with a 30 length but took them in anyway because I was stepping on the legs. After they were altered, the legs fit, but somehow that made it look way too baggy in the crotch, like the proportions were off. I'm not taking this to be altered AGAIN. This one is going straight to goodwill after being worn twice. I bought a Lee's jeans and they fit perfectly right out of the package.
Somewhat large but very comfortable great price recommend
The elastic waistband is covered in fabric, and I totally missed that part in the description. Yes, my own fault, but it's still disappointing. It adds extra layers, creases, folds and bulkiness overall to your waistline (who wants that?!) Plus extra drying time! Ugh...
These jeans are pretty bad. Despite multiple washing, they have a nasty chemical smell. And after 3 washes in hot water, they are still bleeding blue dye. YUCKY SMELL + BLEED + TOO BIG = NOT A GOOD BUY

Update: These are so oversize that I cannot use them. They run HUGE. I would say 1 1/2 sizes too large in the waist. They bleed every time I wash them. They smell awful.
My new favorite underwear. Very comfortable and the fabric is soft.
Fit like 2 sizer smaller denim. Love them!
I love wearing them. easy to put on and slide off. and warm when it's cold.
The A-Shirts fit well as expected. The straps weren't as wide as I'd hope but still fit well and felt good.
This is the best The North Face Men's Resolve 2 Jacket I have ever owned.

If you're looking for a rain jacket, you have found the right jacket.

It isn't so much for warmth, so you will have to layer, but the waterproof material and sleek design make the price worth it.

You should wear this over a sweater and/or thermal to keep warm.

The neck is high to my mouth but the jacket overall fits well.

Although if you tend to wear a LARGE I would order an XLARGE (or any size up) for that is what I did and even though it is a little loose, it fits perfect with other clothes underneath.

I love this jacket.

I have received many different compliments since I started wearing this jacket.

If anyone asked me which Jacket they should get for the winter then I would reccomend The North Face Men's Resolve 2.
My son loves these shirts..
The sweatshirt is overall pretty thin. It's soft and comfortable but I was expecting something more heavy or thick. Still it was only $6 so I can't really complain. It seems like the material will pill easily though.
I purchased these for my daughter's dance routines. I was skeptical, because my daughter is very skinny, and I was afraid these would be loose on her. To my surprise, they fit her like leggings should fit a person! I am so happy!!!
These socks are just what I wanted. They fit well and feel right. Just the right weight for warm weather. I'm very pleased.
fit well
My husband was really satisfied with these shorts. I bought two more pairs for him.
The tall size is great for that longer fit. They stay tucked in!
Very confortable.
Excellent product light and soft and keeps dry during work hours ,big guy here and it's loose enough not to much.