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Spring Trends: Warm weather & sunshine are here.
Spring Dresses: Warm weather & sunshine are here.
Crop Tops: Show some midriff.
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The shorts are perfect for summer. Fit great and have the band adhesive that helps keep the shirt & pants together. Will buy again.
Very comfortable and fit as expected. I plan to by more.
I'm 6'3 180 lbs. Fits great! A little wide around the belly area, but everything else fits nicely.
Necklace feel apart after wearing once
The shirt I ordered was size small but fits like a medium. Sleeves and overall length are maybe an inch and a half too long otherwise it would be a perfect fit. I am a slim 6’0 175lbs. Material is nice however.
My husband loved the fit. They were priced right, a big saving!
The sock are lightweight with mesh parts to let your feet breath.
Great product
great value and quality. Larger than expected.
Runs a little big, but it’s comfy and great.
fit and feel great.
I've been buying the cheapest black hoodies I can find for over 10 years now, and these are a good buy. The back is a nice deep rich black color, and the fabric is wearing just fine (drawstring is a little flimsy however). At the 10 ounce material weight -which they thankfully do let you know- it is a medium hoodie, not for really windy cold weather, which is perfect for cool fall and spring weather.
I like it
This is an excellent, breathable athletic shirt appropriate for warm weather use. The stitching is strong. The 100% polyester fabric keeps you cool and doesn't shrink in the dryer. The sun protection is also excellent. The price point is also significantly less than some of the name brands...Nike, Asics, Pearl Izumi, that sell similar products. The only potential issue you might have is that the shirt is not tapered from chest to waist. I actually prefer the straight cut for a warm weather shirt because the wider bottom allows better airflow.
Very comfortable.
Great winter socks, but after a few wears the elastic on the top of the sock starts to give a bit. Otherwise love them though, really cozy socks
My husband wears these everyday to work around the house. The fit is perfect - exactly as pictured and the delivery was very fast. Will order them again when needed.
Luv the fit, very comfortable
I just needed a Polo shirt for work and didn't want to spend a lot of money. The shirt fit as I expected and the quality was great.
Excellent comfortable feel. These briefs are totally worth the money. Affordable and breathable. You could ware these two days in a row and still feel fresh. Awesome product!
Rise is 2 inches shorter than previously purchased pair of identical size/length/style of 550s. Tried to return for proper replacement (same size/length/style) but selection offered in pick list was nothing I would be able to fit into or else so big my wife could fit in then at the same tine (that could be fun!). Guess I'll have to keep them and look like the appliance repairman with his butt hanging out. Not happy with Levis quality control (or lack of) or Amazon's replacement selection. After Covid is over, I will go back to in-store clothing purchases as this is too much hassle for me to deal with. I need the Jeans now, not two months from now.
Ive owned the rain suit before. Purchased this as a pack cover and quick rain cover when my suit isn’t accessible. If you’re looking for a small silnylon sized poncho, this is not the one for you. It’s quite big for what it is.
My dad loves this. Not too thick, but not to thin either.
It is cute and lasts well.
Looks nice, fits well, I just hope they hold up
Happy with these shorts. They are light weight and the pockets are a good size. They are well made and comfortable and can't be beat for the price!
The socks are comfortable. I was surprised that they fit so well because I needed size 15. In the past when I ordered socks they were much smaller. I really like these.
I bought this pack thinking there would be at least one plain black choker that I could wear daily. I was very wrong.

Otherwise great cheers, but they aren’t very wearable.
Great tshirts. Perfect quality, also not thin at all. Finally a manufacturer that gets that not every dude has 3%body fat. Also if you have moobs, these do help a little. Gonna buy some more